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Hello! My name is Devin Alexis and I am an Aesthetician and Artist who uses Makeup as my MEDIUM. 

Based in St. Pete, FLORIDA, I am a Freelance Professional with previous experience in NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

My Makeup work ranges from Bridal, Glam, Film & Television, Runway, Print, Body Painting, SFX & Men's Grooming. 


I am a Visual Artist who enjoys exploring various mediums.

I attended TRICOCI UNIVERSITY of Beauty Culture for Basic Esthetics, Makeup Designory NYC for Special Effects and HD Film and Television Makeup. I most recently attended Loraine's Academy & Spa for Clinical Aesthetics. 

I also have a background in Public Relations, Commercial Casting, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing as well as Content Creation.

I have dabbled in Creative Directing, Styling and Photography.


If you have any inquiries or would like to book a session, please fill out the form below!

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